IT Support & Counsultancy

Quite often one little bump in the road can cause business downtime... To avoid it, use our IT Support & Counsultancy services!

Not every organization can afford to have a full-time highly qualified technical specialist, who will provide a full-fledged service to computer networks and programs. In these cases, our company comes to the rescue providing technical support by phone or on-site, as well as remote administration of your servers.

The cost of contract service is much lower than the cost of maintaining a competent system administrator at the office, because you do not need to pay taxes on salaries and holidays, moreover, the cost of IT outsourcing from the accounting point of view is an IT service and is considered business expenses.

Having many years of experience, our company offers long-term contracts for maintenance of computer equipment, office peripherals, personal computers/laptops, as well as installation of programs and hardware.

Individual maintenance of equipment will allow to maintain the constant working capacity of your equipment, to make urgent repairs to your computer if it fails to work, avoiding emergency situations, financial, informational or material losses in case of malfunction or idle equipment.

In all cases, we will provide you with a qualified telephone consultation, and if necessary, our specialist will visit the site to solve your problems.

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