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Working from home during COVID-19

Now that the lockdown is implemented, more and more companies are forced to face the choice to either shut down or to evolve into a “Work from home” business. In the coming months working from home will become common.

Why Working From Home?

Now that the lockdown is implemented, more and more companies are forced to face the choice of either to shut down or to evolve into a “Work from home” business. In the coming months working from home will be as usual as working from the office. 

While bigger corporations had this ready for quite some time, smaller and medium sized enterprises were at the edge of that choice. Something to consider when you want to make that choice is that studies show that remote working from home increases productivity and on average remote workers will work 1.4 days per month more than their colleagues in the office. 

Employees are generally happier when they do not need to commute or depend on the reliability of the commute. Employees are less likely to call in sick when they work from home. Company saves money on office rent for remote workers. Employee attrition decreases by 50 percent (according to Bloom study in 2017). 

And for those who feel too isolated? Well… that is when the office night outs become handy, but we will leave that up to you. 

Cloud Services

One of the ways to enter the virtual space is the cloud services. Cloud services open new opportunities for you to use specialized software in your company’s work, which will save you money on buying software licenses and equipment (servers, etc.). It will make your office more mobile, allowing your employees to work remotely. To get the most out of cloud services, you need competent tuning adapted to your company needs.

Our specialists will configure Cloud services both on the customer side (setting up work computers, installing software), and on the side of the service provider. In this case, we adapt the system to your company’s needs

We can provide you with the Cloud based Solutions for your Small Business, which will minimise the cost of the software and equipment.

Cloud Services include

  • Office Applications (Office365, Exchange Online, etc.);
  • Messengers and VoIP services (Skype for Business, Sipnet and others);
  • Cloud based file storage (Dropbox, Amazon, OneDrive and etc. );
  • Online Systems Backup;
  • CRM-systems from different developer;
  • Fully autonomous cloud infrastructure (private clouds, etc.).

Transition to Work From Home

During the major changes it is normal for the employees to resist transition. This is why we offer in person and group training to help your workers to adapt easier. During the training we will help employees to learn any new software they will come across and help them overcome those challenges.

After the transition we offer ongoing support services for the business to ensure the business’ continuity in case of a small or big scale disaster. It should not be a surprise at this stage, as most of this work will also be done remotely. If something would come up that would require a personal visit, we will send our specialist to your office.

All you will need is Computer and Internet connection to run your Business anytime and anywhere.

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